Thunder Butte

August 31, 2005

Making Amends to the Great Spirit

Another Indian who used to enjoy teasing me was Redbull. Of course, at the time, I used to think that he was deadly serious. Once, I was hunting arrow heads on the old "73" ranch. I was on a windswept, flat pasture that had been a campground at one time. I usually found a lot of arrow heads. This one day I looked up to find a huge Indian sitting on his horse nearby. After the preliminary "Hau kola”* routine, he asked what I was doing out there. And when I told him, he warned me that the Great Spirit looked down on that sort of activity. He said that, to make amends to the Great Spirit, he would have to take my “fat dog” for soup. At this point, I ran like hell, making sure that my dog was close by.

After this, I ran into Redbull many times on the prairie and he never failed to offer to buy my “fat dog” for soup, followed by slurping sounds and the word, “good.”

--John Crowley

*Lakota for “Hello friend.”
Mike Crowley Wednesday, August 31, 2005


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