Thunder Butte

April 01, 2009

There's Something About These Stories That Resonates Today

There is something about some of the tales told around Thunder Butte during the Great Depression that still resonate and amuse today during this, the greatest economic downturn since that time. Take this one, for instance, from the Faith Gazette of January 21, 1932:

"A neighboring editor, hard hit by the depression developed a sense of touch to a very high degree. The seat of his trousers are so thin that he can sit on a dime and tell which side is up, heads or tails. If the depression lasts much longer, he will be able to tell the date on the dime. The question which naturally arises is 'How did he get the dime in the first place?"

Editor's Note--This and other tales from the Great Depression in this part of the country can be found in "South Dakota's Ziebach County, History of the Prairie", published in 1982 by the Ziebach County Historical Society, Dupree, SD, which is also located on the internet here.
Mike Crowley Wednesday, April 01, 2009


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