Thunder Butte

January 15, 2007

The James Shockley Family

James and Wyona Shockley with child (probably Dora Lee) (Click to Enlarge)

Unfortunately and with great regret, I never learned a great deal about "Jim". When I had reached the age of awareness, probably five or six years of age, Jim was probably in his late forties. Jim was married to Wyona Hunt whose parents lived in the Meadow to Lemmon area. Wyona was a chubby, very red haired, and freckled woman who's sole interest in life was probably her husband and children. The James Shockley children, from oldest to youngest, as I recall were Dora Lee, and several years her Junior were Joseph, Jenny Lee, and then Willis.

Dora Lee, the oldest child was about four years younger than I, when they lived on the first farm that I was aware of, around Coal Springs. I stayed with them sometimes and Dora Lee used to follow me around like a pet. She was a sweet girl and we have stayed in touch to this day. About the time she graduated from high school in Lemmon, she married Marlin Gaskjolin and they lived on a farm South of Lemmon until his death a couple of years ago. Since I was considerably older than Joseph, Joey as he was called, we had very little in common. The next daughter, Aldene, a very sweet and pretty child, was very personable and bright. I lost track of her completely after I graduated from high school. She was killed in an auto accident when on her way to take her exams for her Registered Nurse degree, her car left the road and she was killed. The next girl , Jenny Lee, is married and lives in Nebraska. She and her husband visit the Lemmon area often.

--John Crowley

Editor's Note—James Shockley was John Crowley's uncle, the brother of his mother, Mayme, who was married to Thomas Crowley. The Crowleys and Shockleys had migrated to the Thunder Butte area from Lake Williams, North Dakota, where James' and Mayme's parents had put down roots after relocating from Wisconsin.
Mike Crowley Monday, January 15, 2007


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