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February 03, 2010

Children's Museum of Indianapolis Announces Family Dinosaur Digs for 2010

Paleontologist Dallas Evans at the Ruth Mason Dinosaur Quarry*

What happened out on the prairie 65 million years ago? Why are there so many bones of the duck-billed dinosaur (Hadrosaur), Tyrannosaurus Rex, and other ancient dinosaurs scattered in the sediments of western South Dakota? Well, here's an excellent way to learn first-hand from the scientists themselves.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis has announced dates for its 2010 program of Family Dino Digs in South Dakota. Dig dates this year are July 3, 5, 6 7, or 8, 2010. The cost is $125 per day for members of the Museum and $155 per day for non-members, which includes lunch and transportation to the dig site from the hotel and back again. You'll stay at the very pleasant Prairie Vista Inn in Faith. A continental breakfast is provided by the hotel, and you will be responsible for your own dinner at one of Faith's two restaurants or hamburger stand -- and for your own transportation to the town of Faith.

On my trip to Faith last summer, I ran into Dallas Evans, a paleontologist with the Museum, and one of the leaders of the Museum's fieldwork at the local Ruth Mason Dinosaur Quarry. I also was fortunate enough to meet the rancher whose property these dinosaur bones are buried on -- he wishes to remain anonymous -- and receive a personal tour of the site where the Children's Museum holds its dinosaur dig sessions. I'll post more about my experience later. But, in the meantime, you can read more about the Family Dinosaur Digs on Children's Museum's very own Dino Blog. Registration is open now for this very educational experience for families and children. With winter upon us, summer seems like almost a year away, but capacity for this very unique experience is limited, so do not delay!

--Mike Crowley

Editor's Note--I have no affiliation with the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, but am recommending the Museum's Family Dino Digs based on my visit to the dig site and belief that adults and kids alike would find this unique educational activity very interesting. Now, if only I could convince my own youngster to sign up with me!

*The photo above actually is a click-through link to the original photo, which appears on the website of The Children's Museum of Indianapolis Dino Blog.
Mike Crowley Wednesday, February 03, 2010


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