Thunder Butte

August 31, 2005

Water Holes and Modesty

I used to swim a lot on the prairie. If I happened onto a nice big, deep water hole, I would jump in and cool off and enjoy paddling around. One day while riding out beyond Knocker Butte, I came upon a great, deep pool. Of course, I jumped in. Paddling around, splashing, and thoroughly enjoying myself, I looked up to discover that I was completely surrounded by Indians. Among them, I recognized John Iron Lightning, a couple of Redbirds, a Redbull, Chasing Hawk, and of course my old buddy, Tony Roach. I tried to get them to join me, as the water was perfect, but they were too modest to disrobe for swimming.

All of the Indian kids I knew were very modest. John Iron Lightning later became a Champion Saddle Bronc rider, winning all over the country. One of the Knife boys became Faith High Schools star basketball player. I believe he carried them to the State Championship one year.

--John Crowley
Mike Crowley Wednesday, August 31, 2005


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