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November 27, 2005

Cece's Later Life

Cece later met and married George Stack, who owned Stack’s Bank Club in Alameda, California. After the war, George sold the Bank Club and purchased the Yreka Inn, a luxury hotel, in Yreka, California. Cece and George mutually operated this hotel until they eventually sold it and purchased a motel in Yreka. They eventually divorced. [George was having personal problems and, shortly afterward, he took his life.]

Yreka Inn, Snowbound, 1950

Cece went to work at the Navy Officer’s Club at the Naval Air Station in Alameda. She then purchased Rosie’s Diner, in Alameda, which she operated for several years. Ray Hinckley, who had been manager of the officers club when she worked there, came to the diner to work as her manager. They later married. After some difficulty, probably a difference in managerial philosophy, they divorced.

Cece and Ray Hinckley (Click for a Larger View)

Albert Brixius, a Coast Guard Chief, completed his time [in the Service], retired and came to help Cece run the diner. They later married and remained married until Cece’s death in 1979. She died of cancer at the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California on October 25, 1979.

Al Brixius, Early 1960s (Click for a Larger View)

Cece was a generous person who helped numerous people through the years.

--John Crowley
Mike Crowley Sunday, November 27, 2005


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