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January 07, 2011

Thunder Butte Now on Facebook Too

If all works according to plan, you will now be able to find our posts here on Facebook, as well as right here in our customary location. Happy New Year!

--Mike Crowley
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January 05, 2011

Oh I Only Want to be a Cowboy

Oh I only want to be a cowboy
To run and buck and to ride
Oh I only want to be a cowboy
With my Harley by my side

When the sun is sinking in the West
Where the bearded sons come to thrill
I`ll inhale the fumes of the exhaust
As we go roaring up the hill

Oh I only want to be a cowboy
Playing poker all night long
Listening to the roar of the v-4
Stinking up the West singing my song

Oh I only want to be a cowboy
To ride The lonely West
To heck with society and all the rest
Got my Harley and my cowhide vest

--John Crowley

Editor's Note--As long as Dad keeps writing it, I plan to publish more of his cowboy-related poetry here. I have to think that his creative juices stem at least in part from growing up in the Dakota West River country.
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January 02, 2011

The Long Trail Home

'S been a long day in the saddle
Not everbody has been kind
Some more than others
But I don`t never mind

Spurs scratch ole Pieballs ribs
C`mon pardner you know the way
Not many have cotton`d to us
But you been my Pard today

Home Will it still be there
We done some shenanigans we shouldn`t
And the ache for those we love
Kinda leaves our soul somewhere

'T-was a grand adventure this old life
We twisted tails when we shoulda smiled
And smiled when we shoulda layed `em low
You knew that Pard try`n to tell me all along
Just one more hill Pard
We are gett`n awful slow

--John Crowley
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