Thunder Butte

December 14, 2011

Saddle Tree

Just a simple cowboy
Plain to see
I got myself some furniture
A brand new saddle tree

No good at rope`n
Not much good with Brahma`s
They dirty where you sit
Have to stick to horses
Well stick`n is the trick

The best will get a saddle
If not I`ll just get sawdust
When I hit the ground
The saddle smells the best
And it gives me another goround

Then they picked me that ole apaloosa
A sunfish`n sun of a gun
And I`m still chase`n that durn saddle
I`m jist an apaloosa bum

--John Crowley
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December 13, 2011

Thunder of the Butte

The wind blew and the snow flew
And the driving wind stung
Your bare face with sleet and snow
Thunder Butte lost in fog of storm

The crack of splintering trees
Over the sound of these
Came the roar of avalanche
Rocks and snow and trees

Which direction where
When all is lost in white nightmare
Horses stumbling falling blind
Cowboys injured in a failing mind

Suddenly the sun appears
Just in time blazing through the white
A gift from God
Cattle fall into the trail for home

Now it`s Christmas time
No time to roam
Just a mile or so to go
Merry Christmas!

--John Crowley
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