Thunder Butte

January 25, 2008

James Shockley in Military Uniform

We often forget that the Crowleys had other relatives living in the Thunder Butte area. There was Joseph Shockley, who was my grandmother's younger brother by six years and lived in the area for many years. Also, there was James Shockley, another younger brother who was just a few years younger than my grandmother. James is someone I've never known much about. In fact, as a child, I never heard my grandmother mention a brother besides Joseph, although she apparently had three brothers.

During much of the time that the Crowleys lives near Thunder Butte, my grandmother's brother James also lived with his wife and children in the vicinity of Coal Springs, which was just a few miles away. We did a brief post on James Shockley and his family a year ago, which can be found here. It's always interesting to find old pictures of long-lost relatives, and we've unearthed another picture of James from his days serving as a military policeman in World War I. James was born in 1892, so he would have been about 25 or 26 years old in this picture.

--Mike Crowley
Mike Crowley Friday, January 25, 2008


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