Thunder Butte

January 01, 2008

Send Us Your Stories

Much of the focus of has been stories from my family, especially my father, about the kind of life the Crowley's lived at and around Thunder Butte from the time my grandfather's homestead was established about 1913 until the family moved off the land sometime after 1940. The stories are so interesting to me because of how different the land, the time, and the place was from where, when, and how I grew up. There are still more stories to tell. As the blog progresses to its third year, I've held some tales in reserve, and I continually pester my father for others – always fearing in the back of my mind that one day in the not too distant future there will not be much more to tell, at least from the Crowley family perspective.

Well, it's a new year and I would like to try something a little different at I want to open this blog and site up to others who might have stories to tell about life around Thunder Butte, whether stories about the distant past, recent times, or the present. And, when I say the “area,” I am not simply referring to the butte itself. Draw a circle with a radius of 50 miles around Thunder Butte and the area I have in mind encompasses a broad swath of the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, the towns of Isabel, Dupree, Faith, and Lemmon, the settlement of Thunder Butte, itself, and a good deal of ranch country and prairie. If you have a story to tell that you think will interest others, let me post it here. Whether you are a rancher, a Native American, or someone with family or other ties to the area – even if only ties in passing – I would like to provide you with an opportunity to tell your story. So, here is my proposal:

(1) Send me an email with your story to, or simply Click Here.

(2) Also, you can send mail to me at:

Mike Crowley
P.O. Box 27095
Washington, DC 20038

(3) Alternatively, and this really is an experiment, you can telephone your story to me by leaving a message at (605) 593-4530 in Rapid City. I have a message length of 2-minutes, so if you need more time for your story, just call back.

Of course, I reserve the right not to publish anything that I consider to be in poor taste, offensive, or disrespectful or hurtful to others. Also, I may edit your story to keep it to a reasonable length. But, if you have a story to tell that may interest others, I'll post it here with your name. Send us your stories!

--Mike Crowley
Mike Crowley Tuesday, January 01, 2008


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