Thunder Butte

January 21, 2012

Pictures and Video

Dave Doan sent in this brief video clip of Thunder Butte. Much appreciated!

Dave also sent a picture of the family's old place from the original homestead, which his brother Doug now owns. The old home is located seven or eight miles southwest of Thunder Butte in Perkins County.

And, while we're on the topic of pictures from around Thunder Butte, here's one from 1918 or earlier:

Here's another view of Thunder Butte shot by Mike Welfl on July 20, 1980,as posted on

July 20, 1980 - One of My Very Favorites (almost 3-D)

And, here's an amazing December sunset over Thunder Butte from Christian Begeman, as published on his blog. South Dakota Magazine also named this their photo of the month in their January 2012 newsletter:

Thunder Butte on Christmas Day

Editor's Note: One of the photos and the video appears here by permission of Dave Doan. The photo of Thunder Butte circa 1918 or earlier is a scanned image from a turn of the last century and copyright expired publication. The other photos are not copied, but are merely clickable links to the photos as published by the original photographers elsewhere on the internet.
Mike Crowley Saturday, January 21, 2012


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